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is a range of high quality BODY PRODUCTS, that make sense to a vulnerable modern skin. Our mission is to enrich your body and soul, without subjecting them to an incomprehensible cocktail of synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients. Our products contain only natural and plant derived components, specifically chosen to deliver results effectively and safely. 

Betty Bluebird

Betty Bluebird is a company that makes natural, small batch body products by hand. 

We source ingredients from people we trust, to make products that we use. Expensive unnatural additives and chemicals are not necessary to create an effective product. So we created what we wish existed. Going back to basics, mindful creation is sustainable and provides a balance, between the supplier, the environment and the consumer. Handmade is more than a catch phrase, it's a conscious choice. Natural is more than the antithesis of unnatural, it's a means of creating long term healthy skin. 

We care about your skin and what goes onto it. If we can't pronounce it, we don't use it. 

    Ingredient Commitment  -

You are what you use on your skin. We don't believe it should be slathered in a synthetic petrochemical nightmare. The basis for all our products are natural oils, butters and waxes. Ingredients that hydrate and soften, regenerate and restore.  The essential oil profiles we've chosen are not just to make our products smell good, they are specifically chosen for their therapeutic emotional and physical effects. Sounds like a good deal huh? We also try to keep it as clean as possible, no preservatives, animal derived allantoin, lanolin, parabens or colourants are found anywhere near, or in our products. 

 We believe in plants, not chemicals

Original image by Aleksandr Grebeshkov.

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