When I use the butter it feels a little oily, is that normal?

Betty Bluebird tattoo butter is made with an oil and not a water base. This enables us to make a product that doesn't require any preservatives. When an oil based natural product is applied to your skin, the oils in the formulation warm up and melt according to your body temperature. We therefore actively encourage our clients to use as little product as possible, as the butter will melt and spread much further than you think. As we have carefully formulated it, the butter should absorb within about 20 seconds and leave no oily residue. A small amount rubbed in well, will ensure that your tattoo breathes and heals properly. Reapply 3 - 5 times a day, depending on your skin type, size and location of the tattoo. More is not better when it comes to aftercare.

I buy nappy rash cream from the pharmacy and it works just fine, why should I use Betty Bluebird?

We believe in our product, and have no desire to steal anyone else's business. However we formulated BBBird after seeing first hand how impossible it was to find a product that was made for use on an open wound. No one should be forced to put a mixture of petroleum jelly, paraffin and lanolin on their new tattoo. Products that suffocate the skin and may cause allergic reactions. Our range was tried and tested on ourselves and our new tattoos first, slowly experimenting over three years. Resulting in a range that is natural, harmless, soothing and containing tattoo relevant beneficial healing oils. 

Citrus oils are phytotoxic, how can you put them into a tattoo product?

We strictly adhere to the safety dilution guidelines for all our citrus oils. The safe dilution level for Grapefruit oil is 4 %, our level is 1.6 %. The safe dilution level for Orange oil is 1.25 %, our level is 1.2 %. We use all our products on our own skin and would never risk taking a chance with yours. 

Your stuff looks cool but I don't see msds (Material Safety Data Sheets) on your site?

We have an msds for every single product that we make, we just didn't want to saturate the site with too much info. Please send us your email address and we will send them off to you with pleasure.

I found a little black speck in my tattoo butter, is it still safe to use?

Absolutely. We use ingredients that are as unadulterated as possible, meaning sometimes a rogue particle escapes into our mixtures (unrefined shea butter and beeswax). It's nothing to worry about, we have strict Good Manufacturing Procedures in place. All it means is that our products really are natural and not bleached into ineffecacy. 

I used Skinny Spray for a week and nothing happened, does it really work?

It really works. Just be patient, everyones body works differently. Sometimes one day activates the effects, sometimes 2 weeks. Please get in touch if you are struggling with The Wolf's Whistle. We can adjust the usage directions after we speak to you. It's all about learning how to make it work for you. 

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