Lip ice ice baby (4)

First day in grade 0. That's how easy this recipe is. No scale, no measuring equipment, you can basically measure with your soup spoon and a prayer.


15ml Shea butter (Dischem, Soap Barn, Weleda or Escentia) I use unrefined as far as possible

5ml Castor oil (Dischem) can be substituted with Wheatgerm, Sesame or Avocado oil

2 drops essential oil of your choice (Dischem, Clicks, Pharmacies)


Small pot filled to about 3/4 with water

Small glass bowl

15ml measuring spoon or your Ouma's regular tablespoon

5ml measuring spoon


Small tub or pot of choice

Kitchen towel

Sterile environment

Sense of humour and spare cash cos these things don't always work out


  1. Make sure everything is sanitized. Everything. Wipe down your counters with ethanol or whatever you have that is safe to use. Make sure all your equipment is sanitized. When I spray my stuff down, I leave it on for 20 minutes just to make sure that its killed every single little bad guy that's hanging on. Out of interest, it is impossible to duplicate sterile lab conditions at home.You need a laminar flow hood, and I'm not that rich yet. You could also stick all your stuff into a dishwasher, blitz the bacteria and then use alcohol. Whew. In the pic below, I sprayed my equipment and left it to dry upside down (where possible) on paper towel.

2. Set up your double boiler. 3. Use a tool of your choice to 4. Measure out 15ml of Making sure that the dig out some Shea butter. Shea butter and 5ml

bowl doesn't sink too of Castor Oil.

far into the pot. Turn

on the heat.

5. Add to your bowl and let it 6. I leave all my tools on the 7. Quality control Bluebird.

heat up. I leave it on for same equipment sterilizing Once your mixture has another 10 minutes after it's paper towel used earlier. If cooled, remove from the

melted, just to make double you forget to do something heat.

sure. Shea can be tricky. and need a tool, at least

you don't have to sterilize


8. If you look very closely you 9. You can melt and pour, but 10. Only once it has cooled

will often find small particles I prefer to stir my mixture and add your essential oils.

in melted Shea butter. That turn it into a homogenised Add 2 drops of your means that it is unrefined cream. Be patient, this mix choice, remembering

and full of vitamins and anti easily takes 20 minutes to that you will taste it all day oxidants. Please don't stress. cool down. Never use Wintergreen, Tea tree or Birch essential oils on lip products.

11. Remember to do what I say and you'll be fine ;). This lip ice is surprisingly good for a two ingredient balm, and it's a nice way to gently establish some experience. A nice vegan, cheap, effective, no harm bit of handiwork. Sounds like my favourite Indian dinner. P.S. as with most natural products, there are many uses contained within one tub. Use this balm for dry cuticles, elbows, eyebrow tamer, shoe polish, and whatever else you can think of. Will last as long as the earliest expiry date of all the ingredients used. Chuck away when it starts to smell like melted crayons.

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