The Bluebird Effect (1)

The change that's set in motion by one single act. I made the shift years ago from slick, sexy, big skincare brands to DIY experiments in my kitchen. I didn't have the time or inclination (another word for lazy) to micro interpret product labels. I did however know that if I scrutinise my food labels and avoid ingredients that sound like biological warfare, I needed to do the same with my personal care products. What is Stearalkonium Chloride ?! I decided to shine a spotlight on the situation and re-evaluate my choices.

I started out with making my own tattoo balm, messed it up a hundred times (very important process) and now I make a whole range of products. I jumped into the deep end, blindfolded and wearing a Chicago overcoat. But I sure did learn a lot while I was down there. Making your own products, once you are aware of the holy laws, can be easy, inexpensive and as effective as the cool stuff you buy in the shops. You don't need a private school education or a trust fund, I will help you navigate your journey from start to finish. Consider yourself officially in the driver seat.

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