Skinny Spray is an appetite extinguishing mix of alcohol and essential oils. No chemicals, additives or jungle juice. Tried and tested and generally found to restrict food consumption, reduce sugar cravings and increase water intake. Active botanical compounds that have some hard hitting pharmacological functions, make this an effective product used in a unique way.


INGREDIENTS : Cane sugar Ethanol Alcohol, Essential oils of : Canarium Luzonicum (Elemi), Cupresses Sempervirens (Cypress), Origanum Vulgare (Oregano), Copaifera Officinalis (Copaiba), Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot), Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine), Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli), Santalum Album (Sandalwood), Pimpinella Anisum (Aniseed), Citrus x Paradisi (Grapefruit), Citrus Reticulata (Mandarin), Salvia Officinalis (Sage), Citrus Aurantium (Neroli), Styrax Benzoin (Benzoin), Citrus Aurantium ssp. Amara (Petitgrain), Mentha x Piperita (Peppermint). ONE BOTTLE LASTS 6 MONTHS. 


The Wolf's Whistle has been made with love and care, however essential oils are potent and affect people differently. Do not use if pregnant or nursing, asthmatic, if under the age of 18, convalescing, if suffering from an eating disorder, epilepsy, or high blood pressure. Be cool, be responsible, listen to your body and respect your personal physical history.

​This product has not been evaluated by the Medical Control Council. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. We reeeeally want to make claims but we can't. Essential oils trigger different responses in different people. You might not lose as much weight as you hope but may find your mood generally elevated, or that sugar cravings, headaches and smoking habits disappear. 

THE WOLF'S WHISTLE - Skinny Spray, 50ml. LASTS 6 MONTHS.

  • We have helped brides lose weight before their weddings, athletes come in under target weight goals and even people with serious health issues, to adopt a mental shift in how they eat. INHALING THE AROMAS FROM ESSENTIAL OILS, CAN STIMULATE AREAS OF YOUR LIMBIC SYSTEM. WHICH IS A PART OF YOUR BRAIN THAT PLAYS A ROLE IN EMOTIONS AND BEHAVIOURS. The activity of the nerve signal passing through this region causes mood change by altering brain chemistry. Which helps to explain the change in food desire and cravings while using The Wolf's Whistle.

    The correct mix of essential oils is our silver bullet. Oils that curb appetite, fight fluid retention, remove toxins and improve metabolism. 

    The Wolf's Whistle has been carefully and safely formulated, and if used as directed we expect glorious results and subtle shifts in how you approach food. 

    Please refrain from wearing your usual perfume, skin fragrance or deodorant spray as it does have a cancelling out effect. Dammit, we know. You can still wear your fave fragrances every fifth day though.