Image by Edgar Perez


Our tattoo range consists of a tattoo butter (in two sizes) and a petroleum jelly substitute. Made specifically with ingredients chosen to heal broken and compromised skin. Oils rich in vitamins and Oleic acids help to strengthen connective tissue, reduce inflammation and deliver nutrients directly to the deeper layers of the skin. Our products have been lab tested to ensure that there are no microbes or sensitive skin issues.

A fresh tattoo is an open wound and requires special care and attention. Both pre and post tattoo care should be considered. Gasoline with its high percentage of Avocado oil means that while you are getting inked, the collagen production in your skin is getting revved up, there is a reduction in inflammation and your skin is healing and repairing. Post tattoo, the plant based tattoo butters rich in Avocado, Shea and Cocoa butters are helping to deeply moisturise, restore skin elasticity, fight inflammation and calm skin irritation. As an added benefit - seed, nut and bean butters are naturally comprised of components, such as particular minerals, that offer protection against the sun’s UVB radiation. Nourishing, protective and regenerative tattoo care.